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Goat Packing Course

It is very important to us, that you have the best possible adventure when backpacking with our goats, in order to set you up for success, we run you and your group through a 4-hour training.

This time also enables us to match you with goats that will work well with your group.

Goat Packing Course
(Allow 4 hours)

The training includes the following, with additions made to meet individual or group needs.

  • Safe Handling of Animals.

  • First Aid Care.

  • Saddle Placement & Securing Saddle.

  • Loading & Balancing Panniers.

  • Loading Panniers onto Goats.

  • Tying goats out at night.

  • Trail Leading goat to goat & right of ways.

  • Feeding / Watering.

  • Water crossing.

  • Discipline & camp manners.

  • Hiking with Goats

  • Problems to Watch for – limping, saddle off center, straps.

  • Learning to Read the Animals. (Body language)

  • Trail Etiquette.

  • NAPGA Best Management Practices.

  • Camp at least 200 feet from lakes, streams, trails, and other people. Leave No Trace, pack out what you pack in.

  • Follow all USFS, and BLM rules on the trail.

  • Clear of other hikers, equestrians, and all other trail users

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